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Library Land

Our library building was not always a library... and our library has moved around town over the years.


The First Library

The very first Scotts Valley Library opened in 1953 when members of the Scotts Valley Community Club staffed a demonstration library to show the need for a permanent, tax-supported public library. It was located at Camp Evers, on the corner of Scotts Valley Drive and Mt. Hermon Road. The group's volunteer efforts were successful and a permanent library was established at the Camp Evers site. It remained there until 1985.

Photo Credit: Vern Hart Photography

Shopping Center

From 1985 to 2011, the Scotts Valley Library was located in the back corner of Kings Village Shopping Center, in space 230-D (now occupied by a chiropractic studio).

The community quickly outgrew the space and plans began to create a much larger, modern library. That's when the Friends of the Scotts Valley Library was born.

Original Site.jpeg

An Airport Next Door

The Skypark housing complex, soccer fields, and playground were once a small airport called (surprise!) Sky Park.

It opened in 1947 and served as a training facility for pilots under the GI bill. The airport stopped operations in 1983.

Learn more about Sky Park Airport.

Copyright 1959 by Eric Taylor Eric Taylor Family

Skating Rink

Instead of building a brand-new library from scratch, the library planners decided to repurpose an existing building and chose the Scotts Valley Roller Palace as their new library home. This allowed them to create a library four times larger than its predecessor.




SV Roller Palace.png
library interior 2011.png

Transformed Skating Rink

In June 2011, the new library was opened to the public. The former skating rink was transformed into a light-filled space with an open, flowing floor plan. The design included several meeting rooms, a stunning outdoor patio (furnished by the Friends), fun teen and children’s areas, and a variety of intimate seating areas and workstations.


Photo credit: Group4

Our Next Chapter

The library rebuild project, part of  the Measure S Santa Cruz Public Library bond measure, allocated $ 3.75 million to upgrade our library: Upgrades include:

  • New roof (no more leaks!)

  • New HVAC system

  • Interior sound abatement

  • New customer service desk

  • New carpeting, new computers & new furnishings

  • Exterior facelift & new landscaping

The remodeled library reopened August 6, 2022. 

photo credits: Michele Mize

need a photo or line drawing of refurbished library. 

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