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Art in the Library

The Friends have sponsored numerous shows over the past 12 years including group and solo shows showcasing painting, photography, and sculpture. A recent favorite featured art created by library staff and volunteers. Most shows include opportunities to meet the artist, with receptions and snacks provided by Friend’s volunteers. Since its inception, this program has showcased the work of more than 250 local artists.

isabel contreras 2.jpeg
isabel contreras 1.jpeg
Current Art Show

Isabel Contreras was born and raised in Stockton. Growing up, she lived in current American culture, mixing it with the Mexican culture of her grandparents. She moved to Virginia as a teenager and attended the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, graduating from their highly regarded art program. She now resides in Santa Cruz County. Her artwork reflects her Mexican American ties as well as Navajo bloodlines. “My art is very much like a visual diary of the things I’m thinking about or going through personally,” she said. Many of her pieces, she said, are self-portraits both as a young woman and as a child, as she mines both her past and her ethnic heritage for clues on who she is now. “That’s one thing people don’t understand about art. You have to go backward in order to go forward. You have to do the unlearning to relearn.”

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Art by the Library Volunteers and Staff of the SCPL

This unique show was curated by our own


Photo Credit: Jim Sullivan

Book Lover's Mural

The Friends commissioned a new mural to adorn the library’s back patio. The muralist, Bruce Harman, designed a magical scene showcasing the love of reading. It features a squirrel reading, flying books, a bookworm, and the perfect oak tree for shady reading.

At work on sketch_edited.jpg
At work on sketch_edited.jpg

Mural by
Bruce Harman

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