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Author Talks

Buzz Anderson

May 20 · 3:30p to 4:30p

Buzz will talk about the research that went into his new novel, “Five Hundred Moons,” a work of historical fiction. His book spans the years 1749 to 1793 and focuses on the dramatic conflict between the Ohlone Indians of the Central California coast  and the Spanish missionaries. The story also follows a displaced Spanish gypsy family that had escaped to California during Spain’s Great Gypsy Roundup of 1749.


Buzz Anderson was born in San Jose to prune farmers and grew up in Capitola where his grandfather built a family home.  Since boyhood, he has been fascinated by the stories of the people who occupied this land before him.

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We sponsor local authors reading from their published works. Prior events included a group of writers sharing their short noir stories, a children’s book writer/illustrator, and an author talking about his historical mystery. Nonfiction events included a talk about brain fitness, a Halloween-themed talk about haunted Santa Cruz, and a historian describing his research into early aviation.

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